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About Me


While I've held various positions throughout my career in animation, character animation holds a special place in my heart. Bringing characters to life to tell stories, provide entertainment, and move audiences is without a doubt my driving passion. I do also really enjoy creating tech solutions for art problems to help other artists, it really is rewarding!

I've earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts: Animation from the University of Central Florida and have been in the industry for ten years in some capacity or another. I always strive to deliver top notch animation, effects, and compositing for my clients and employers. It truly is the best job in the world and I love pushing my skillset whenever and wherever I can. As they say, nothing beats hard work!


Work History

2021 - Present

Lead Animator

Jam City

I lead a team of animators and work with the Tech Art and Engineering teams to bring rigged characters, particle and shader FX, and polish to Jam City's games. I lean heavily on my rigging and scripting experience to facilitate easier workflows for our teams while leading the charge in an animation capacity.

2019 - 2021

Senior Animator

Scientific Games

I worked under a Game Director creating and implementing assets for Scientific Games' Unity based slot games. These assets include pre-rendered and real-time character models, character rigs, character animations, particle effects, custom shaders, motion graphics, and player feedback animations. I also write C# code to drive the orchestration of said animations in real-time running off of underlying server code. My expertise within this role extends from character modeling to rigging, animation, rendering, animation state setup, and implementation for the games we produced.

2018 - 2019

Art Director

Zapdot Inc

My direct supervisor in this role was the Creative Director of Zapdot. I helped shape the vision for the company's projects while ensuring the art assets' quality and cohesion with that vision. While supervising teams of artists, animators, and designers from concept to ship date, I also participated as a hands on production artist for our mobile and PC projects.


Animator/FX Artist

Disruptor Beam

While at Disruptor Beam, I worked with the Art Directors/Producers to develop and/or improve upon animations and effects in our upcoming release of a smartphone game backed by a large publisher. It was largely self driven work with somewhat minimal check-ins with art direction to ensure visuals were on target and matched hardware limitations for targeted devices.

2017 - 2018

Animation Director +

Animator/FX Artist

Sharecare Reality Labs

I worked with the Art Director and Subject Matter Experts to develop, improve upon, and maintain our animation process for our VR medical simulations and training at its highest efficiency. While managing a team of animators, I designed technical storyboards for new medical simulations, and executed in the production of and implemented said medical simulations in the VFX/Animator artist capacity when necessary. This work included modeling, animation, particle effects, and custom shaders.


2D Character Animator

Rick and Morty

Bardel Entertainment

During my time​ with Bardel Entertainment, I was lucky enough to work on Rick and Morty. I delivered high quality animation matching the show's style under tight production deadlines in Toon Boom Harmony for the Emmy Award Winning show.

2016 - 2017

Lead Animator/

Game Artist

Concept Gaming

While working remotely in this role, I delivered top notch animated assets for online slot games. Additionally, I created art and game layouts, enhanced the production pipeline whenever possible, and brainstormed ideas with company leaders for games and game mechanics.

2013 - 2015

Character Animator


Floyd County Productions

My time at Floyd County Productions working on Archer was a blast. I rigged characters, executed layout for scenes, and delivered final animated shots for broadcast of this Emmy Award Winning show on the FX Network. I also developed some After Effects plugins and tools using JavaScript while being heavily influenced by the talented toolmakers already in the studio. 


3D Artist/Animator

Merlin Mobility AR

At Merlin Mobility, I developed and animated models for use in Unity for Augmented reality applications on IOS and Android devices. Additionally, I re-topologized meshes, and developed effects for using during AR engagement.

2012 - 2013

Lead 3D Artist

Sealund and Associates Corporation

I wrote design briefs, budgeted hours for, and led the 3D team at Sealund. I also wrote scripts for content, worked closely with the CEO and Project Manager to deliver animations, illustrations, and concepts by deadline and under budget. I helped design a more advanced pipeline, helped Sealund market that pipeline to clients and business partners as a solution for their training needs. Lastly, I designed and modeled additional characters, props, and environments for existing platforms and products from Sealund.

2011 - 2012

3D Character Animator

Goat Story with Cheese

Art and Animation Studio

While living and working in Prague, I animated shots for the 3D feature film "Goat Story with Cheese". I animated shots with no blocking from scratch, as well as polished shots to completion from pre-existing blocking.


Compositing Artist

Sesame Street:

The Adventures of Kami and Big Bird

Animatic Media

In this role I was responsible for rendering and compositing assets and applying final visual polish for the 3D animated television show "The Adventures of Kami and Big Bird". I provided updated renders for weekly reviews and trained new compositing artists on the pipeline.

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